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Easter Plants

Celebrate Easter – Sunday, March 31, 2013 – with gorgeous new indoor plants. Easter is a time to celebrate and rejoice in many things - the rebirth of the garden, the beginning of warm days, a renewal of the spirit. Sending an Easter plant gift brightens the holiday and brings your best wishes for a wonderful holiday to life. Choose from a variety of indoor plants, including elegant white gardenias, brilliant red hibiscus and bright pink kalanchoes. For a less traditional Easter plant, consider a lovely lucky bean plant, classy rosemary bonsai or unique ponytail plant. Regardless of which plant you choose, each of these Easter plants will look beautiful as a centerpiece on the dining table or as an accent of color throughout the home. Show someone how much you care with a beautiful plant gift this Easter!

  1. Gardenia in a Decorative Cache Pot - Easter Plants On Sale!

    Gardenia in a Decorative Cache Pot

    Regular: $49.99

    Special: $39.99

  2. Miltonia Orchid in White Embossed Tin Container - Easter Plants

  3. Cottage Herb Basket - Easter Plants

    Cottage Herb Basket
  4. Gardenia in Angel Cachepot - Easter Plants

    Gardenia in Angel Cachepot
  1. Mini White Rose in Angel Cachepot - Easter Plants

    Mini White Rose in Angel Cachepot
  2. Miltonia Orchid in Wood and Wicker Container - Easter Plants

  3. Braided Money Tree - Easter Plants

    Braided Money Tree
  4. All My Love Bamboo - Easter Plants

    All My Love Bamboo
  1. Peace Lily in Angel Cachepot - Easter Plants

    Peace Lily in Angel Cachepot
  2. Fragrant Gardenia in Woven Basket - Easter Plants

    Fragrant Gardenia in Woven Basket
  3. Amaryllis Candy Cane Bulbs in Recycled Steel Gift Box - Easter Plants

Send the gift of indoor plants to your loved ones next Easter. Live plant gifts make a wonderful addition to the Easter décor and will keep sharing their beauty for months to come! Plus, the spring is the perfect time of year to add a new potted plant to your home or to surprise a friend or family member with an Easter plant gift. After a dreary winter, brighten up your spring with a lovely Easter plant. Choose from a variety of indoor Easter plants ranging from $30 to $50. There's a plant to fit any budget! Add a burst of color to your home with a bright pink cyclamen plant gift or choose a more subdued white gardenia, available in a variety of pots and baskets. A lovely hibiscus adds a tropical vibe to the Easter festivities while the lucky bean plant is a more exotic find. There's something for practically anyone among these thoughtful plant gift ideas. Each of these plants make lovely Easter gifts whether you're near or far. Ship the Easter plants to your loved ones and rest assured that they will reach the recipient in the best of conditions. Indoor plants are perfect gifts for the spring when the chance of frost is still possible. If you have an Easter celebration to attend or just want to let someone special know that you're thinking about them from afar on this special holiday, send them a plant gift. For more information, please call us toll free at 888-320-0631.