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Housewarming Plant Gifts

To welcome a friend, relative, or neighbor into a new home, send a lively housewarming plant as a symbol of your good wishes! Living, growing plants and flowers make unique housewarming gifts that suit anyone's home. Housewarming plants look beautiful on porches and patios, in the kitchen, by a window in the living room, or anywhere else in a new house. Plants add a breath of fresh air to their surroundings - literally! They improve air quality and are thought to improve a room's energy. Instead of sending a cut bouquet, which will wither quickly, choose potted housewarming flowers that will last long after the family has settled in. Browse our collection below and enjoy fast two-day or overnight delivery.

  1. Fragrant Gardenia in Woven Basket - Housewarming

    Fragrant Gardenia in Woven Basket
  2. Herb Trio in Birch Container - Housewarming

    Herb Trio in Birch Container
  3. All My Love Bamboo - Housewarming

    All My Love Bamboo
  4. Small Cactus Garden - Housewarming

    Small Cactus Garden
  1. Cottage Herb Basket - Housewarming

    Cottage Herb Basket
  2. Gardenia in a Decorative Cache Pot - Housewarming On Sale!

    Gardenia in a Decorative Cache Pot

    Regular: $49.99

    Special: $39.99

  3. Bougainvillea Bonsai - Housewarming

    Bougainvillea Bonsai
  4. Gardenia Bonsai - Housewarming

    Gardenia Bonsai
  1. New Directions Lucky Bamboo - Housewarming

    New Directions Lucky Bamboo
  2. Medium Juniper Bonsai - Housewarming

    Medium Juniper Bonsai
  3. Pomegranate Bonsai Plant - Housewarming

    Pomegranate Bonsai Plant
  4. Braided Money Tree in Elegant Embossed Container - Housewarming

  1. Azalea Bonsai - Housewarming

    Azalea Bonsai
  2. Miltonia Orchid in Wood and Wicker Container - Housewarming

  3. Gardenia in Distinctive Birch Container - Housewarming

  4. Garden Wall Lucky Bamboo - Housewarming

    Garden Wall Lucky Bamboo
  1. Zen Reflections Bonsai - Housewarming

    Zen Reflections Bonsai
  2. Lucky Bamboo Three Tier Arrrangment - Housewarming

    Lucky Bamboo Three Tier Arrrangment
  3. Little Cutie Lucky Bamboo - Housewarming

    Little Cutie Lucky Bamboo
  4. Green Mountain Lucky Bamboo - Housewarming

    Green Mountain Lucky Bamboo
  1. Double Tier Lucky Bamboo Tower - Housewarming

    Double Tier Lucky Bamboo Tower
  2. Gate to My Heart Bamboo  - Housewarming

    Gate to My Heart Bamboo
  3. Miltonia Orchid in White Embossed Tin Container - Housewarming

  4. Medium Cactus Garden - Housewarming

    Medium Cactus Garden
  1. Large Juniper Bonsai - Housewarming

    Large Juniper Bonsai
  2. Rosemary Bonsai - Housewarming

    Rosemary Bonsai
  3. Plum Bonsai - Housewarming On Sale!

    Plum Bonsai

    Regular: $59.95

    Special: $49.95

  4. / - Housewarming

  1. / - Housewarming

  2. / - Housewarming

  3. / - Housewarming

  4. Peony and Alstromeria Chardonnay Silk Arrangement - Housewarming

  1. Moss & Sedum Terrarium Bottle Kit - Housewarming

    Moss & Sedum Terrarium Bottle Kit
  2. Vertical Sedum Terrarium Bottle Kit - Housewarming

    Vertical Sedum Terrarium Bottle Kit
  3. Basil Seed Kit in Bamboo Container - Housewarming

    Basil Seed Kit in Bamboo Container
  4. Apline Strawberry Garden-in-a-Pail - Housewarming

    Apline Strawberry Garden-in-a-Pail
  1. Mini-Sunflower Garden-in-a-Pail - Housewarming

    Mini-Sunflower Garden-in-a-Pail
  2. Butterfly Zinnia Garden-in-a-Pail - Housewarming

    Butterfly Zinnia Garden-in-a-Pail
  3. Tropical Foliage Getaway in Wood and Wicker Basket - Housewarming

  4. Repurposed Succulent Trio - Housewarming

    Repurposed Succulent Trio
  1. Reclaimed Wood Birdhouse with succulents - Housewarming

  2. Money Tree in Reclaimed Wood Container - Housewarming

  3. Sedum Terrarium Bottle Kit - Housewarming

    Sedum Terrarium Bottle Kit
  4. Moss Terrarium Bottle Kit - Housewarming

    Moss Terrarium Bottle Kit
  1. Peace Lily in Purple Hobnail Container - Housewarming

  2. Recycled Grow Bottle - Basil - Housewarming

    Recycled Grow Bottle - Basil
  3. Recycled Grow Bottle - Parsley - Housewarming

    Recycled Grow Bottle - Parsley
  4. Recycled Grow Bottle - Oregano - Housewarming

    Recycled Grow Bottle - Oregano
  1. Recycled Grow Bottle - Chives - Housewarming

    Recycled Grow Bottle - Chives
  2. Recycled Grow Bottle - Mint - Housewarming

    Recycled Grow Bottle - Mint
  3. Mixed Succulents in Textured Aspen Container - Housewarming

Housewarming gifts have always been a challenge unless you know exactly what friends and family have, and what they like. But everyone likes house plants, and nothing else adds as much life (unplanned pun) to a new home as a well-chosen housewarming plant. And from GivingPlants, whatever housewarming plant you choose will be an instant favorite, reminding that special person or special family of your thoughtfulness and taste for many years. Our house plants even stand up to those who've never before shown any evidence of having a green thumb - we know how to choose housewarming plants, and take care of sending them so they are lovely when they arrive wherever you need them to go.

If your lucky gift plant recipient already has house plants and you've seen them, so much the better to complement tastes in indoor plants. Ditto if you happen to know their favorite colors, or color schemes. If not, we offer a lovely selection in simply green indoor plants that make perfect housewarming plant gifts, including unusual cacti combos, topiaries, braided money plants, the unique pony tail plant and perfect bonsais, both leafy and evergreens.

Our blooming gift plants are equally exciting, with showstoppers including dramatic pink or red hibiscus, stunning Brazilian dipladenias, tropical kalanchoes, perfect cyclamens, and several shades of gardenias that are classic, exotic and fragrant - all are favorite house plants.

Our indoor plants come in containers as decorative as the plants themselves and a variety of prices to provide gift plants for every giver's budget as well as the new home owner or renter - you don't need to buy to deserve a housewarming plant. All containers for our house plants blend well with other colors and add distinction to every housewarming plant.