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In times of grief, express your condolences with sympathy plants. Funeral plants are a soothing way to express affection and concern for friends and family. Unlike cut flowers, a living sympathy plant will not wither and die in a few short days. It will live on as a touching reminder of your sincerity, and caring for it may help to ease the pain of losing a loved one.

Our sympathy plant collection includes classic flowers like white gardenias and peace lilies. More colorful options include pale pink and yellow blooms, or bright purple and red flowering funeral plants for a vibrant statement. Choose from elegant pots to finish the gift, ensuring a lovely presentation for these sympathy plants.

  1. Mini White Rose in Angel Cachepot - Sympathy

    Mini White Rose in Angel Cachepot
  2. Gate to My Heart Bamboo  - Sympathy

    Gate to My Heart Bamboo
  3. Gardenia in Angel Cachepot - Sympathy

    Gardenia in Angel Cachepot
  4. Zen Reflections Bonsai - Sympathy

    Zen Reflections Bonsai
  1. Peace Lily in Angel Cachepot - Sympathy

    Peace Lily in Angel Cachepot
  2. Gardenia in a Decorative Cache Pot - Sympathy On Sale!

    Gardenia in a Decorative Cache Pot

    Regular: $49.99

    Special: $39.99

  3. Peace, Strength and Love - Sympathy

    Peace, Strength and Love
  4. Peace Lily in Lavender Monarch Container - Sympathy

  1. Miltonia Orchid in Wood and Wicker Container - Sympathy

  2. Pink Rose and Lily Devotion Silk Arrangement - Sympathy

  3. White Cyclamen in Eloquent Embossed Tin Container  - Sympathy

  4. Gardenia in Green Ceramic Container  - Sympathy

  1. Azalea Bonsai - Sympathy

    Azalea Bonsai
  2. Fragrant Gardenia in Woven Basket - Sympathy

    Fragrant Gardenia in Woven Basket
  3. Mini Pink Rose in Wide Weave Basket w/ Handles - Sympathy

  4. Pink Cylclamen in White Embossed Container - Sympathy

  1. Cultivating Herb Duet - Sympathy

    Cultivating Herb Duet
  2. Tropical Foliage Getaway in Wood and Wicker Basket - Sympathy

  3. Mini Yellow Rose in Square Woven Basket With Handles - Sympathy

  4. Peace Lily in Purple Hobnail Container - Sympathy

  1. White Cyclamen in Rustic Blue Container - Sympathy

  2. White Foliage Mix in White Design Container - Sympathy

When choosing an appropriate sympathy gift, there are few options as fitting as a living plant. Selecting a sympathy plant to send to a funeral is a wise choice. Because these funeral flowers & plants live on for months and years, they can serve as reminders of your support in a difficult time. As they grow, they become a living memorial to the lost loved one.

There are practical reasons to send live plants for funerals. When delivering an arrangement to a funeral parlor, someone may not be able to attend to it immediately. Cut flowers will fade and die if they're not immediately placed in a vase, but a potted sympathy plant can survive a day or two without attention. Trust that these plants and flowers will be fresh and beautiful during the service.

What are the best plants for a funeral? Around the world, white is recognized as the color of purity and mourning. That makes white lilies, roses, gardenias, and orchids a traditional choice for funeral plant arrangements. Because green represents life and nature, glossy foliage is also welcome at wakes and funerals. Some choose to send sympathy plants with bright, vibrant colored flowers as well. Red can remind us of passion, pink symbolizes youth and innocence, and yellow resembles a sunny day. Sometimes that splash of color is exactly what someone needs to smile amid the grief.