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Bamboo Plants

Lucky bamboo plants deliver your best wishes for luck and prosperity. Bamboo plants are extraordinarily easy to care for and will thrive even under ceiling fluorescent lights, so indoor bamboo plants are perfect bamboo plant gifts for home or office. They're compact enough to brighten up even tiny work cubicles. Just water lucky bamboo plants regularly and you have an accent plant for life. We offer two great sizes of indoor bamboo plant gifts, both in clear containers accented with river rocks for extra pizzazz.

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  1. Peace, Strength and Love - Bamboo Plants

    Peace, Strength and Love
  2. New Directions Lucky Bamboo - Bamboo Plants

    New Directions Lucky Bamboo
  3. True Love Lucky Bamboo - Bamboo Plants

    True Love Lucky Bamboo
  4. Garden Wall Lucky Bamboo - Bamboo Plants

    Garden Wall Lucky Bamboo
  1. Green Mountain Lucky Bamboo - Bamboo Plants

    Green Mountain Lucky Bamboo
  2. All My Love Bamboo - Bamboo Plants

    All My Love Bamboo
  3. Little Cutie Lucky Bamboo - Bamboo Plants

    Little Cutie Lucky Bamboo
  4. Lucky Bamboo Happiness - Bamboo Plants

    Lucky Bamboo Happiness
  1. Gate to My Heart Bamboo - Bamboo Plants

    Gate to My Heart Bamboo
  2. Double Tier Lucky Bamboo Tower - Bamboo Plants

    Double Tier Lucky Bamboo Tower
  3. Lucky Bamboo Three Tier Arrrangment - Bamboo Plants

    Lucky Bamboo Three Tier Arrrangment

It's wonderful that bamboo plants are not just lovely with their delicate tracery of green, but also bring both luck and prosperity - thus they are lucky bamboo plants. Some sellers offer bamboo plants for sale as lucky bamboo plants that in fact aren't the lucky variety, but you can shop GivingPlants with confidence - our lucky bamboo plants are always authentic. If a source offers bamboo plants for sale that suggest planting the bamboo plants outdoors, they are probably the tree form, which can get quite large and invasive. Tree bamboo plants definitely do not work as indoor bamboo plants.

Our lucky indoor bamboo plants are water-grown in a river rock base, offering two sizes, two arresting glass vases, and two choices of river rocks, either mixed earth tones or high-contrast black. The water level for indoor bamboo plants should be at or slightly below the top of the river stones, and changed when the water becomes cloudy or once a week. Bamboo plants prefer water that has been left out overnight or bottled or distilled water.

Should lucky bamboo plants turn a bit yellow, they're likely to be getting a little too much care. They rarely need fertilizing, and over-fertilization will cause yellowing. Bamboo plant gifts might also yellow if they are too close to an air-conditioning vent - they don't like chill.