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Flowering Plants

Flowering house plants saturate the senses in style and excitement, and our indoor flowering plants arrive at the perfect point – in bud just ready to open – pure joy in bloom! The happy recipients will love what's happening daily in their home, office or hospital setting. Our flower plants are perfectly shaped in containers that add still more élan as plant gifts. As carefully chosen indoor flowering potted plants, they will thrive and rebloom for years. Flowering house plants are ideal plant gifts. Enjoy shopping our peerless selection!

We have a wide selection of potted flowering plants, house plants and tropical flower plants such as hibiscus, roses, azaleas, orchid plants, cactus plants, bonsai trees, bougainvilleas, carnations and more.

  1. Fragrant Gardenia in Woven Basket - Flowering Plants

    Fragrant Gardenia in Woven Basket
  2. Peace Lily in Angel Cachepot - Flowering Plants

    Peace Lily in Angel Cachepot
  3. Gardenia in White Washed Decorative Watering Tin - Flowering Plants

  4. Azalea Bonsai - Flowering Plants

    Azalea Bonsai
  1. Gardenia Bonsai - Flowering Plants

    Gardenia Bonsai
  2. Large Gardenia in Bronze Floral Embossed Container - Flowering Plants

  3. Gardenia in Distinctive Birch Container - Flowering Plants

  4. Peace Lily in Hand Painted Love Container - Flowering Plants

  1. Mini Red Roses Plant Gift in Valentines Container - Flowering Plants

    Mini Red Rose in Heart Tin
  2. Mini White Rose in Angel Cachepot - Flowering Plants

    Mini White Rose in Angel Cachepot
  3. Gardenia in Angel Cachepot - Flowering Plants

    Gardenia in Angel Cachepot
  4. Peace Lily in Purple Hobnail Container - Flowering Plants

  1. Fragrant Lavender Floral Wreath - Flowering Plants

    Fragrant Lavender Floral Wreath
  2. Lavender Wreath - Flowering Plants

    Lavender Wreath
  3. Larkspur and Loops Wreath - Flowering Plants

    Larkspur and Loops Wreath
  4. Spring Bouquet Wreath - Flowering Plants

    Spring Bouquet Wreath
  1. Autumn Splendor Wreath - Flowering Plants

    Autumn Splendor Wreath
  2. Myrtle with Flowers Wreath - Flowering Plants

    Myrtle with Flowers Wreath
  3. Floral Heart-Shaped Wreath - Flowering Plants

    Everlasting Love Wreath
  4. Bursting Blooms Pussy Willow Wreath - Flowering Plants

    Pussy Willow Wreath
  1. Garden Maker Butterfly Flowers - Flowering Plants

    Garden Maker Butterfly Flowers
  2. Garden Maker Bird Habitat - Flowering Plants

    Garden Maker Bird Habitat
  3. Flower Giving Wishes - Flowering Plants

    Flower Giving Wishes
  4. Windowsill Grow Box for Herbs - Flowering Plants

    Windowsill Grow Box for Herbs
  1. Windowsill Grow Box for Lettuce - Flowering Plants

    Windowsill Grow Box for Lettuce
  2. Windowsill Grow Box for Strawberry - Flowering Plants

    Windowsill Grow Box for Strawberry
  3. Bagged Tree Growing Kit - Apple - Flowering Plants

    Bagged Tree Growing Kit - Apple
  4. Bagged Tree Growing Kit - Dawn Redwood - Flowering Plants

  1. Bagged Tree Growing Kit - Yule Tree - Flowering Plants

    Bagged Tree Growing Kit - Yule Tree
  2. Amaryllis Grow Bottle Demi - Flowering Plants

    Amaryllis Grow Bottle Demi

Indoor flowering plants are the perfect plant gifts. Everyone can use them, and with our selection of flower plants you never need to worry about the right gift - everyone enjoys the surprise and delight so well-presented in our plant gifts. Our flowering potted plants span every color, from dramatic white gardenias atop lush green branches to reds, pinks and many shades of exquisite roses sure to raise everyone's spirits. White flowering potted plants also include exquisite orchids and intriguing peace lilies. For pink tones suited to every color scheme, our flowering house plants include cyclamens, roses, kalanchoes, dipladenias and hibiscus. Go red with unusual heart-shaped cyclamen or rose tones. Cyclamens also offer variegated leaves between blooms - another plus among our unique selection of indoor flowering plants.

Our indoor flowering plants guarantee long life and maximum bloom with minimal care, and our flower plants will survive even through periods of neglect. Most of our flowering potted plants can be enjoyed outdoors or in, and many can even go into outdoor gardens, though the containers for our flowering house plants are so perfect most people want to enjoy the containers chosen to accent their flowering potted plants along with the heavy blooms our flowering house plants offer starting with the day your gift arrives.

Customers tell us the only challenge when choosing indoor flowering plants as gifts is deciding which among the joyful selection of flower plants to choose. Many also find themselves irresistibly drawn to start or add to their own collection of flowering potted plants.

Send the perfect choice in indoor flowering house plants (also perfect for offices, hospitals or any other setting) to brighten and cheer someone's day - you can't go wrong with our carefully chosen and beautifully presented plant gifts.