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Office Plant Gifts & Business Gift Plants with Company Logo (100 unit minimum)

Give office plants as a thank you or to remind a client or colleague how much they are valued, showing you care. Unlike fresh cut flowers that fade quickly, indoor plants are the gift that keeps on giving. Plus, you increase business exposure at the same time you are creating customer goodwill. Both can be easily achieved with your logo on one the fresh indoor plant gifts from Giving Plants. Whether you send green plants, hardy succulents, or flowering plants, the recipient will be reminded of your company as well as how much you appreciate them.100 unit minimum.

Corporate Logo Gift Plants as Client Gifts & More

There are a wide range of uses for adding corporate logos, name or message on a plant gift. Send unique business gifts for clients, employees, and associates quickly and easily. With as your partner, you extend your brand presence and awareness into the office place or home, leaving a lasting impression.

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Contact us to request a quote for business gifts! Send us the following information and we'll send pricing for your custom order: Company name, requested plant/container type, # of colors in printed logo, quantity needed, and delivery date. Once you submit your request above, our San Diego office will calculate your custom logo gift quote during our regular business hours: Monday-Friday, 7am-5pm PT.

Giving Plants can put your Corporate Logo on your Gift Plant

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*Artwork & Project Requirements: Supply your artwork in vector format – Adobe illustrator / EPS or Quark Express are great.
Supply your colors – PMS format is preferred but we can color match to RGB or Hexi-decimal color if necessary. (100 pc. Minimum).

Other Ideas, Gift Plants that feature your logo, name or message are ideal for:
  • General Corporate Gifts
  • Employee Appreciation
  • Promotional Products
  • Thank You Gifts for Colleagues and Clients
  • Motivational Gifts or Internal Awards
  • Retirement
  • Retention of Clients
  • New Client Acquisition
  • Executive Gifts
  • Incentive Programs
  • Trade Show Contests or Giveaways
  • Service and Safety Awards
  • Political Organizations
  • Re-election Committees and Campaigns
  • Company Picnic
  • Corporate Meeting
  • Board Meetings (12+ members)
  • Golf Tournament Gifts or Decorations
  • New Product Launches
  • Brand, Company or Organization Awareness

Custom Logo Plant Gifts, advertise your business on your buyers desk! 100 piece minimum

Staff anniversaries or those who have gone the extra mile to achieve excellence in the workplace, provide another reason to show your appreciation with indoor plants. Whether you are acknowledging a "job well done" by your own employees, sending a gift for the holidays, or thanking your customers for their business with a branded plant gift, everyone enjoys the win-win situation the gift-giving creates. What better way to do that then to send business gift plants! And providing the benefit of your name in front of the receiver over and over again while they admire what you've given, truly provides the gift that keeps on giving.

Health Benefits of Plants in the Office

Giving a gift that grows is synonymous with sending health and well-being. Plants in the workplace prove majorly beneficial to people, both physically and psychologically. In addition to the fond memory of receiving their plant gift, your recipient will associate your brand with an eco-conscious, healthful image.

Major Benefits of Indoor Plants include:

  • Reducing stress and negative moods
  • Increasing productivity
  • Reducing office noise and distractions
  • Creating an aesthetically-pleasing, comfortable space for staff and clients
  • Plants clean the air naturally, reducing dust, bacteria, and mold levels
  • Lower maintenance costs due to the net cooling effect of plants
  • They also reduce occurrence of sickness and absence

The best office plants are ones that are low maintenance and can survive in buildings running heating and cooling, offices closed on weekends and holidays, and in low light locations.

Easy Care Office Plants include:

  • Succulent plants
  • Braided Money Trees
  • Cactuses
  • Peace Lily

Shop our selection unique plant gifts online or call toll-free for assistance Monday-Friday, 7am-5pm PT: 888-320-0631