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Mother's Day Plants

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and nothing says, “You’re the best,” quite like a living, breathing reminder of all the life and love mothers pour into our hearts. Plant gifts serve as a symbol of growing love, appreciation and gratitude for the number one lady in all of our lives.

From tropical foliage to traditional blooms, capture all you want to say with a lovely indoor plant for mom to centrally display as a reminder of how much you care. Show her how amazing she is with a Mother’s Day plant to brighten her day. After all, she’s always been there to put some extra sunshine in your step – go ahead and return the favor.

  1. Gardenia in Hand Painted Love Container - Mother's Day Plants

  2. Peace Lily in Hand Painted Love Container - Mother's Day Plants

  3. Aromatic Lavender Plant in Wicker Basket - Mother's Day Plants

  4. Large Gardenia in Embossed Flower Pot - Mother's Day Plants

  1. Fragrant Gardenia in Woven Basket - Mother's Day Plants

    Fragrant Gardenia in Woven Basket
  2. Cultivating Herb Duet - Mother's Day Plants

    Cultivating Herb Duet
  3. Azalea Bonsai - Mother's Day Plants

    Azalea Bonsai
  4. Cottage Herb Basket - Mother's Day Plants

    Cottage Herb Basket
  1. Medium Juniper Bonsai - Mother's Day Plants

    Medium Juniper Bonsai
  2. Lucky Bamboo Happiness - Mother's Day Plants

    Lucky Bamboo Happiness
  3. Lucky Bamboo Three Tier Arrrangment - Mother's Day Plants

    Lucky Bamboo Three Tier Arrrangment
  4. Little Cutie Lucky Bamboo - Mother's Day Plants

    Little Cutie Lucky Bamboo
  1. Double Tier Lucky Bamboo Tower - Mother's Day Plants

    Double Tier Lucky Bamboo Tower
  2. Garden Wall Lucky Bamboo - Mother's Day Plants

    Garden Wall Lucky Bamboo
  3. New Directions Lucky Bamboo - Mother's Day Plants

    New Directions Lucky Bamboo
  4. Green Mountain Lucky Bamboo - Mother's Day Plants

    Green Mountain Lucky Bamboo
  1. Peace, Strength and Love - Mother's Day Plants

    Peace, Strength and Love
  2. Pussy Willow Wreath - Mother's Day Plants

    Pussy Willow Wreath
  3. Herb Trio in Ribbed Tin Pot with Rope Bow - Mother's Day Plants

  4. Peace Lily in Gold Motif Container - Mother's Day Plants

    Peace Lily in Gold Motif Container
  1. Everlasting Love Wreath - Mother's Day Plants

    Everlasting Love Wreath
  2. Myrtle with Flowers Wreath - Mother's Day Plants

    Myrtle with Flowers Wreath
  3. Fragrant Lavender in Lavender Monarch Container - Mother's Day Plants

  4. Fragrant Lavender Floral Wreath - Mother's Day Plants

    Fragrant Lavender Floral Wreath
  1. Terrarium Globe Kit with Moss - Mother's Day Plants

    Terrarium Globe Kit with Moss
  2. Tear Drop Terrarium Kit with Moss - Mother's Day Plants

    Tear Drop Terrarium Kit with Moss

Give Special Mother's Day Flowers and Plants This Year

It's never too soon to begin thinking about what you'd like to give mom for Mother's Day. After all, she's given much thought to you over the years; why not plan early and give back, showing how much you care. We offer a wide range of colorful, vibrant Mother's Day flowers and plants to choose from, including live blooms and blossoms, exotic succulents, miniature trees, bamboo selections, and more. Plus, we're adding fresh Mother's Day gift ideas often so even if you're not quite ready to send plants online just yet, we encourage you to check back frequently for the latest additions ot the collection.

Popular Flowers For Mother's Day

Some of our most popular flowers for Mother's Day include mini roses available in a wide variety of colors - from white, to red, to pink, to a sunny and bright yellow. Each mini rose floral selection comes in a unique planter. When you send a plant that blooms, choose just the right planter to present it in, one that will perfectly reflect mom's personality and caring. Plants delivered include buds partially open to provide maximum blooms and blossoms when mom receives her special gift. We also carry other flowering plants from gardenias, to cyclamen, to orchids and others. Plant delivery dates are subject to ordering date and shipment selection.

Succulents, Bamboo, and Green Plants

If your mother prefers long last succulents, loves bamboo or other fine green plants, check out our huge selection in each category. Available in various sizes, shapes and varietals, mom will be dazzled by uniquely shaped living bamboo plants. From single elegant stalks to a simple row of petite stems, each plant has been carefully selected to reflect a sturdy yet sedate mood with shoots that bend skyward. Whether they are set in dirt or stone, placed in a unique planter color, shape or style, we are confident with our diverse collection, you can give mom the gift she will truly appreciate.

Forever Flowers in Terrariums

For a gift that's truly special, check out our lovely terrariums filled with colorful mini-buds that require no maintenance. Perfect for allergy sufferers, these charming gifts provide years of vibrant greenery along with their tiny flowers displayed in lovely glass orbs. Plus, you can place them anywhere without worry as they require no direct sunlight or water. Some feature hanging apparatus for a suspended look while others can be exquisitely placed on desks, shelves or tables. Check out our silk floral arrangements too.