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Thanksgiving Plants

Thanksgiving is a day of expressing gratitude for what we have received. It's traditional to spend this holiday with loved ones, but what if you can't be there in person? While nothing can replace your presence at the table, Thanksgiving plants come a close second. Sending a Thanksgiving plant gift will give them a lasting symbol of your affection and help brighten the house as the weather gets colder. Another great idea is to send a gift plant as a Thanksgiving hostess gift. If someone has invited you to share their banquet, show your appreciation by sending an herb-filled gift basket or festive flowers. Instant centerpiece!

Thanksgiving Plants Warm the Hearth and Heart

If ever there was a holiday for family and friends to come together, it's Thanksgiving. And what better way to celebrate it than with Thanksgiving plants to show how much you care. Whether sending a Thanksgiving plant to loved ones you can't be with or sending a plant where you'll be dining on the big day, plant gifts are ideal for this special holiday. After all, growing things and celebrating harvesting is at the heart of the holiday from our forefathers' initial tradition.

Diverse Plant Gifts to Choose From

Sending flowering plants makes a fragrant impression as a centerpiece for the dining table, in the entryway to the home where the festivities will be held, and other locations where folks will gather. Whether it's a lovely gardenia, azalea, or a flowering bonsai tree, flowering plants provide a pop of color besides the lovely scent they provide. Not to be overshadowed, succulents make great and easy plant gifts to send. Even people with black thumbs can care for these beauties. We carry a wide selection of succulents in attractive planters, from lively cactus gardens to repurposed planters holding a trio of succulents, these easy-care plant gifts are a win-win for everyone.

So Many Herb Plant Gifts, So Little Time

Probably the most frequently chosen plant gift items in the Thanksgiving collection are herbs. Available in numerous containers and herbal arrangements, they make the ideal Thanksgiving plants to send or set on display in your own home. After all, since Thanksgiving is about celebrating with food, herbs have historically played a very large role in many recipes. Imagine receiving an herb trio that you can use to add to your menu such as:

  • Fresh rosemary for potatoes
  • Chives to sprinkle on sugar glazed carrots
  • Lovely edible lavender for a fruit compote
  • Dill for the fish course.

Herbs and container diversity in the Thanksgiving collection are extensive. From parsley to basil, some arriving in grow bottles, others set in attractive bamboo containers on your kitchen counter, are ripe for the plucking as you prepare for the festivities. For additional ideas or information about any of our Thanksgiving items, please call us at 888-320-0631 to speak with one of our expert gift-giving staff.