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Valentine's Day Plants Delivered

Get a unique, romantic gift for your valentine delivered - and get it fast! Instead of the usual last minute flower bouquet, send a living, lasting Valentine's Day plant. Your affection won't fade in a few days, so why send cut flowers that quickly wither and die? Valentine's plants grow and thrive, just like your love. Count on our express delivery to get it there on time, guaranteed freshness and healthy.

Keep love alive with flowering plants gifts like peace lilies and gardenias, or show your appreciation with a kitchen herb planter or one of our money trees. Have a fun sense of humor? Consider one of our cactus garden gifts and a cute gift message on the included card.

Shop flowering Valentine plants like potted red roses, pink azaleas, and white orchids. Make sure the guys in your life don't feel left out on this special holiday - green plants make perfect Valentine's Day gifts for men. Send a bamboo plant, lucky money tree, or bonsai tree as a lively surprise.

  1. Peace Lily in Hand Painted Love Container - Valentine's Day

  2. Azalea Bonsai - Valentine's Day

    Azalea Bonsai
  3. Everlasting Love Wreath - Valentine's Day

    Everlasting Love Wreath
  4. Cottage Herb Planter - Valentine's Day

    Cottage Herb Planter
  1. Fragrant Gardenia in Woven Basket - Valentine's Day

    Fragrant Gardenia in Woven Basket
  2. Money Tree in Reclaimed Wood Container - Valentine's Day

  3. Small Cactus Garden - Valentine's Day

    Small Cactus Garden
  4. Cottage Herb Basket - Valentine's Day

    Cottage Herb Basket
  1. Gardenia Bonsai - Valentine's Day

    Gardenia Bonsai
  2. Cultivating Herb Duet - Valentine's Day

    Cultivating Herb Duet
  3. Flower Giving Wishes - Valentine's Day

    Flower Giving Wishes
  4. Terrarium Globe Kit with Moss - Valentine's Day

    Terrarium Globe Kit with Moss
  1. Tear Drop Terrarium Kit with Moss - Valentine's Day

    Tear Drop Terrarium Kit with Moss
  2. Herb Trio in Hand Painted Love Container - Valentine's Day

  3. Aromatic Lavender Plant in Wicker Basket - Valentine's Day's Valentine's Day plant delivery has tons of advantages over the usual flower delivery services and the run-of-the-mill Valentine's Day roses. Here are some of the reasons to send valentine plants instead of cut flowers:

Potted Plants Gifts Outlast Cut Flowers 100% of the Time

Bright blossoms are beautiful, but for how long? It's pretty depressing to watch a once-lovely bouquet wither and die and then toss it out with the garbage. With basic care, a potted plant can live for weeks, months, or even years. Some of our customers enjoy their plants for Valentine's Day indoors until spring arrives, when they transplant them outside. Get your money's worth and select a gift that can be enjoyed much longer. The lifespan of valentines potted plants is also a powerful symbol of your enduring affection.

Plants Make Cute Valentine Gifts for Men, Too

Traditionally, Valentine's Day has been a holiday for the ladies. But men like plant gifts, too! When choosing a valentine gift for boyfriends, husbands, and fathers, it helps to think outside the box. Sure, some guys like flowers, but most would prefer something a little different. Giving Plants offers a wide selection of plants to send for Valentine's Day. A heart-shaped bamboo plant is a whimsical symbol of love. A bonsai tree is a soothing project for Dad. A money tree brings luck and success, and is fitting for any age bracket. Consider a basket of fragrant herbs to appeal to the chef or grill-master in any man.

Our Plants are Grown in the United States

Most American bouquets contain flowers grown overseas and shipped to the U.S., which gives long-stemmed roses a hefty carbon footprint. There's no need to worry about the environmental impact of the Valentine's Day potted flowers Giving Plants offers. Grown at our farms in the United States, they don't travel very far, and you can feel confident knowing our employees enjoy American worker protections.