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Make your anniversary extra special by sending anniversary plants instead of cut flowers. When celebrating the time you've spent with your beloved, would you rather give a bouquet that will wither and die in just a few short days, or a potted anniversary plant that will last much longer? If you want to send anniversary flowers, send ones that are alive and growing!

Sending anniversary flowers and anniversary plants is easy. We ensure that your gift plant arrives on time and in beautiful condition. Let us handle the logistics, while you enjoy your special time with your loved one. You couldn't choose a better way to express your love and devotion than sending an anniversary plant. Browse our selection of plants and flowers below and enjoy our fast delivery.

Indoor plants make an exciting anniversary plant gift! Perfect for any sweetheart, even if you've been married 40 years, indoor flowering plants remind the love of your life how much you care every single day.

There are all kinds of anniversaries you may want to commemorate with indoor plants, including years of work and years of friendship. Nothing sends a more positive message to mark other anniversaries, such as each year of remission after cancer or other health recovery milestones. Giving Plants has an amazing selection of indoor plants, colors and containers to help you find the perfect plant gift every time.

While roses are a traditional favorite among anniversary plants, stand out with something a bit different with one of these other indoor plants. Have fun browsing all our plant gifts, available in a variety of containers and colors perfect to accent the indoor flowering plants.

Giving Plants has a selection of indoor flowering plants include gardenias, kalanchoes, roses and some even more unusual choices such as dipladenias from Brazil. Or choose an exciting shape from an ivy heart topiary to a miniature bonsai plants, which is the perfect way to enjoy evergreens indoors. Two of our extra special choices are the phalaenopsis orchid and a topiary of kitchen herb rosemary with lovely blue flowers. Just snip a stem when you want to add some rosemary to your meal for a burst of flavor.

All of our indoor plants are chosen for perfection and our packaging ensures perfect gift plant delivery of whatever anniversary plants you choose.