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Send your cheerful wishes with birthday plants delivered by Giving Plants! From elegant to bold and traditional to whimsical, our wide selection of birthday plants includes something for everyone. Choose a delicate, feminine mini rose or an artful bamboo arrangement. Each birthday plant includes an attractive container, including themed options decorated with "Happy Birthday" or a cake design. Carefully packaged and swiftly delivered, these plants and flowers make a big impression. Send a birthday plant and bring a smile to someone's special day.

  1. Fragrant Gardenia in Woven Basket - Birthday

    Fragrant Gardenia in Woven Basket
  2. Small Cactus Garden - Birthday

    Small Cactus Garden
  3. Aromatic Lavender Plant in Wicker Basket - Birthday

  4. Azalea Bonsai - Birthday

    Azalea Bonsai
  1. Medium Cactus Garden - Birthday

    Medium Cactus Garden
  2. Small Juniper Bonsai - Birthday

    Small Juniper Bonsai
  3. Tropical Anthurium Lace Leaf Plant in Antique Copper Container - Birthday

  4. Gardenia in Mom Tag Metal Pot - Birthday

    Gardenia in Mom Tag Metal Pot
  1. Peace Lily in Gold Motif Container - Birthday

    Peace Lily in Gold Motif Container
  2. Medium Juniper Bonsai - Birthday

    Medium Juniper Bonsai
  3. Rosemary Bonsai - Birthday

    Rosemary Bonsai
  4. Peace Lily in Hand Painted Love Container - Birthday

  1. Gardenia Bonsai - Birthday

    Gardenia Bonsai
  2. Money Tree in Reclaimed Wood Container - Birthday

  3. Large Gardenia in Embossed Flower Pot - Birthday

  4. Christmas Cactus in Rattan Basket - Birthday

    Christmas Cactus in Rattan Basket
  1. Mason Bee Bottle - Birthday

    Mason Bee Bottle
  2. Garden Maker Butterfly Flowers - Birthday

    Garden Maker Butterfly Flowers
  3. Flower Giving Wishes - Birthday

    Flower Giving Wishes
  4. Herb Giving Wishes - Birthday

    Herb Giving Wishes
  1. Leaf Cutter Bee Bottle - Birthday

    Leaf Cutter Bee Bottle
  2. Garden Maker Herbs - Birthday

    Garden Maker Herbs
  3. Grow Your Own Dawn Redwood Forest Bonsai Box Kit - Birthday

Birthday Plants Delivered From Giving Plants

With dozens of options to choose from, birthday plants delivered from Giving Plants will convey all the heart-felt wishes of the day. After all, fresh cut flowers only last a short time while giving a potted flower delivery can last indefinitely. Whether it's for a son or daughter, husband, wife or you're looking for special birthday presents for mom, rest assured you can find it here. Birthday plants have become the latest in gift-giving from all kinds of people to many loved ones in life.

Birthday Gifts: From Succulents to Herbs

From succulents to herbs, from terrariums filled with colorful flowers or moss, this page should be bookmarked as your go-to page for unique birthday gifts. Some of the more popular categories include: Herb gardens in planters Flowering plants Wide variety of bonsai plants Uniquely shaped terrariums with miniature paper flowers Grow bottles Cacti medleys. If you have been looking for special gifts for her, choose from the True Love Lucky Bamboo shaped in a heart, All My Love Bamboo, or the Heart Shaped Terrarium Tabletop Stand with red flowers. Any of these make great gift ideas for women, although we also have many conventional flowering birthday plants available such as azaleas, gardenias, and easy-care orchids.

50th Birthday Gift Ideas

A right of passage time in anyone's life is turning 50 years old, or young, depending on your perspective. Why not highlight this special time with creative 50th birthday gift ideas from Giving Plants. For the serious chef, choose from our herb gifts to give for this life-changing birthday event. We carry basil, parsley and oregano in grow bottles for a self-contained effect. Or select the herb trio, the cottage herb planter, or the herb duet. All come in lovely plant containers. Other birthday gift ideas can include:

  • Easy care succulents
  • Small and Medium Cactus Gardens
  • Dark cedar cube planters with succulents
  • Bonsai in box

No matter which plant gift you give, you will be sending a beautiful birthday message to that special someone in your life. For additional information, call us today. Representatives are standing by.