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It's traditional to give bright, bold flowers for congratulations - but cut flowers seem to wither and die before the celebration ends. For a lasting reminder of a big achievement, choose congratulations plants instead and send a congratulations gift that will last for weeks, months, even years!

Our selection of congratulations plants includes lucky bamboo, the braided money tree, and colorful flowers. There's a pleasing choice for coworkers, grads, and other loved ones. Motivating and inspiring, these living congratulations gifts remind them of how far they've come and how much more they can achieve.

  1. Money Tree in Reclaimed Wood Container - Congratulations

  2. Cultivating Herb Duet - Congratulations

    Cultivating Herb Duet
  3. Azalea Bonsai - Congratulations

    Azalea Bonsai
  4. Small Cactus Garden - Congratulations

    Small Cactus Garden
  1. Medium Juniper Bonsai - Congratulations

    Medium Juniper Bonsai
  2. New Directions Lucky Bamboo - Congratulations

    New Directions Lucky Bamboo
  3. Green Mountain Lucky Bamboo - Congratulations

    Green Mountain Lucky Bamboo
  4. Double Tier Lucky Bamboo Tower - Congratulations

    Double Tier Lucky Bamboo Tower
  1. Garden Wall Lucky Bamboo - Congratulations

    Garden Wall Lucky Bamboo
  2. Aromatic Lavender Plant in Wicker Basket - Congratulations

  3. Lucky Bamboo Three Tier Arrrangment - Congratulations

    Lucky Bamboo Three Tier Arrrangment
  4. Peace Lily in Gold Motif Container - Congratulations

    Peace Lily in Gold Motif Container
  1. Succulent Mix in Ribbed Tin Pot with Rope Bow - Congratulations

  2. Large Peace Lily in Rose Copper Tone Pot - Congratulations

  3. Tropical Anthurium Lace Leaf Plant in Antique Copper Container - Congratulations

Give the gift of a congratulations plant to loved one to help them celebrate an important milestone. Whether it's a new job, new home or an array of other special occasions, a congratulations indoor plant gift is a wonderful way to show that you care. These plant gifts are available in many varieties, including flowering gardenias, desert cacti and exotic bamboo. Or choose from a unique bonsai plant or inspiring money tree. Finding the perfect house plant to send is easy with so many wonderful choices. These congratulations plants are available in prices ranging from $25 to $80, which makes it easy for you to find a plant gift in your budget. Congratulatory plants are wonderful gifts because unlike cut flowers, they continue to grow more beautiful each day and will be a constant reminder to the hard-working recipient of a job well done. For a gift that keeps on giving, you can't beat one of these congratulations plants. Show your friend or family member how proud you are of their accomplishments every day with one of these beautiful congratulations plants. Even better, these are all house plants, meaning that they'll last throughout the year without fear of harsh weather or frost. The next time you have a loved on about to celebrate a major milestone, be sure to consider sending a congratulations indoor plant gift to show how much you care! For more information, please call us toll free at 888-320-0631.