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Just Because Plants

Celebrate a special occasion or give a gift "just because" by sending plants online. Our selection includes something for everyone: plant gift baskets, succulent gardens, bamboo arrangements, tropical flowers, and more. We choose beautiful, long-lasting plants for delivery all over the United States, and best of all, two-day shipping is standard. Count on each orchid, rose, and plant gift basket to last for weeks, months, or even years if cared for properly!

To brighten someone's day for any reason, choose the plant variety you prefer and enjoy the many decorative container options, including pots and baskets. You may enjoy our collections of flowering plants, bonsai trees, and fresh, aromatic herbs. Sending plants online is an easy way to put a smile on someone's face.

Give Plant Gift Baskets Just Because

One of the best reasons for sending Plant Gift Baskets is for no reason at all! Truly. With our large selection of plant gifts online, you will have no problem picking out just the right plant gift basket for that special someone in your life. And won't they be surprised to receive it just because you thought of them? Imagine the delight on their faces as they open their gift. Choices are plentiful in several categories. It's even quite easy to pick out plants for delivery for those individuals in your life who are not very adept at plant care. Selecting and sending plants online is equally convenient for those who are natural green-thumb gardeners. No matter who your special someone is, we are confident you'll find the perfect item to give them just because you care.

From Low Maintenance to Master Gardener Plants

From low maintenance plant aficionados to master gardeners, the plant choices are plentiful in the Just Because Plants category. We have many succulents to choose from including a small cactus garden, a succulent trio, a large succulent mix in wood basket, as well as small and medium cactus gardens. For Bonsai and bamboo fans, we have a pomegranate bonsai, a juniper and rosemary bonsai, a ponytail bonsai, and the Money Tree. Bamboos range from the All My Love Bamboo to several Lucky bamboo plant choices, and more. Besides these lovely gift ideas, we offer several varieties of flowering plants including the Miltonia Orchid and gardenias.

The Perfect Plant Gift for the Right Individual

With so many Just Because plant gifts for sale online, you may be wondering what the perfect fit is for your recipient. As mentioned above, there's low (or no) maintenance categories and green thumb options, with a good number in between, If you would love to send a low or no maintenance plant, succulents and bamboo items could be just the ticket. We also carry terrariums and glass bowls filled with moss and/or bright colorful paper flowers that require no care at all. For the person who loves to cook, we have a number of herb baskets or planters with two, three, or four herb selections in them. If you need help deciding, just give us a call. We're here to help.