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Indoor Plants and Flowering Plants

Add a bit of nature to your holiday gifts this season by giving your loved ones gift plants that will enhance their homes and make their holidays more special. People are widely opting for plant gifts as they provide a unique gifting option and are environment friendly. Flowering plants are a great way to provide natural decorative options for the homes of your loved ones. We have a wide variety of plants for all your gifting needs. Choose from our range of exquisite as well as rare gift plants. We offer variety of indoor plants like bonsai, cactus & bamboo plants, flowering plants like orchids & rosemary for both home and office. With our website you don't need to worry about shopping early and spending time in a store. Just select your favorite plant and have it delivered at your doorstep.

Indoor Plant Gifts For All Occasions

Whether thinking about giving plants as gifts for the home or unique office plants for a friend who's gotten a promotion at work, indoor plants let you bring the color and scent of the outdoors inside. There are many other occasions when plant gifts make the perfect item to give someone. A new job, new home, birthdays, holidays and individual accomplishments, etc., always make the best time to give indoor flowering plants. We carry all types of houseplants, from a variety of bonsai trees to lovely easy care plants like our cactus gardens to bamboo to herb baskets. Choices are plentiful in our Indoor Plant category and we are confident you'll find just what you're looking for.

Flowering Indoor Plant Selections

If you like plants with blossoms, blooming continuously or seasonally, we have several that are perfect for your own home or to give to that special someone in your life. No matter what occasion, some of the most popular flowering plants we carry include orchids, azaleas and blooming gardenias. Rich in color, each of these flowering beauties can captivate the senses, as well as add luscious color to any room they are placed in.

Easy Care Giving Plants

Easy care plants are plentiful at Giving Plants and they make the perfect addition to any decor at home, the office, even a dorm room. Easy care plants are the gift that keeps on giving, typically requiring less water and less attention. Choose from bonsais, either flowering or nonflowering for an eclectic look. Bonsais reflect the influence of Asia, have sparse foliage, although it depends what kind of bonsai you choose. The Juniper Bonsai, for example, has a dense amount of greenery, although leaves are petite and grow from short stems. In contrast, the Ponytail Bonsai has long and languid leaves much like their name implies but fewer of them. The Flowering Azalea Bonsai sports more conventional-looking leaf structures along with their overlarge flowers. Both the bamboo and cactus gardens possess different leaf and trunk structures, with both also requiring less frequent watering. You don't have to have a green thumb for any of the plants in this category, making them the perfect for everyone including yourself.