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Bamboo Plants

Lucky bamboo plants deliver your best wishes for luck and prosperity. Our indoor bamboo plants are extraordinarily easy to care for and will thrive even under ceiling fluorescent lights. This makes them the perfect plant variety to choose as a home or office gift. They're compact enough to brighten up even tiny work cubicles, and bamboo plant gifts are great for any age and interest. Just water them regularly and you have an accent plant for life. We offer many sizes of indoor bamboo plant gifts in an array of decorative and clear glass containers, all filled with decorative pebbles for added pizzazz.

Browse our website for coordinating gift plants like bonsai trees, money trees and other easy-care indoor and office plants. Call toll-free to request additional information: 1-888-320-0631

It's wonderful that these deep green plants are not just lovely with their delicate touch of verdant coloring, but also bring both luck and prosperity. At GivingPlants we have authentic lucky bamboo plants for sale online that ship directly to your recipient using expedited services to keep plants fresh and healthy. We guarantee our gift plants are the perfect size and will not outgrow their containers. Larger varieties are very aggressive and for outdoor use only, but our small potted versions stay just right for home and office display.

These lucky indoor plants are water-grown in a river rock base in mixed earth tones or high-contrast black, as well as a diverse variety of cache pots and transparent glass planters. The water level for indoor bamboo should be at or slightly below the top of the river stones. Change the water when it becomes cloudy (around 1x weekly) and keep in a well-lit area.

Should your green plants turn a bit yellow, they're likely to be getting a little too much care. They rarely need fertilizing, and over-fertilization will cause yellowing. These decorative potted reed plants can also yellow if they are too close to an air-conditioning vent - they don't like cold climates. Buy online or call toll-free for large orders or to request more information: 1-888-320-0631