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Gorgeous Green Plants for Your Home

A green plant is a wonderful choice among plant gifts, because indoor green plants thrive in a wide range of light conditions, always look good and don't demand that spent flowers be trimmed. Our green houseplants offer large as well as small plant gifts, and we take all the worry and bother out when you want to send plants, which can be tricky. Browse our green house plants to see a remarkable selection, including mixed herbs. Be sure to see the ponytail plant in a bonsai pot. Très unusual!

We also have a wide selection of various indoor house plants such as flowering plants, orchid plants, cactus plants and more for you to select from.

Green house plants work with any décor - no need to worry about whether flowers complement or clash with the favored décor of those special people in your life. Indoor green plants are always lovely plant gifts, and a gift that will be enjoyed for years to come, along with the treasured memory that you care, remembered to say thank you or whatever the gift occasion may be.

Our broad selection of green plants gives you a wide choice of unusual and memorable green house plants, a variety of sizes, perfect containers, and plant mixes as well as individual plants.

A green plant is a great gift for business or home settings, and adds instant life and panache to its environment. Send indoor green plants confidently, knowing they won't end up among rejected items at a garage sale or gift exchange. And our green house plants are almost failsafe, so you need not worry about sending plants to someone who lacks a green thumb.

Have fun choosing indoor green plants to match each lucky recipient of your plant gifts.

Signature choices when you send plants include braided money trees, lucky bean plants, rosemary topiary, mixed herbs, the unusual ponytail plant and bonsai versions of umbrella plant (shefflera), rosemary and sago, a great palm lookalike that brings a taste of the tropics.

Speaking of taste, our green house plants include two unusual rosemary plants, topiary or bonsai, plus two tasty baskets of mixed herbs. No more expensive, semi-wilted fresh herbs fom the grocery store!

Bonsais are another reason to send plants from GivingPlants. We've taken the guesswork out of whether a particular green plant can be grown in bonsai form, and done all the challenging training and trimming to deliver a perfect bonsai whenever you send plants. All are chosen in forms designed for bonsai, so no one ever finds that their bonsai table plant wants to grow four feet tall.