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An herb garden gift combines a raw sense of beauty with everyday usefulness. This dynamic fusion makes our herb gift baskets an unforgettable offering that will flourish in a recipient's home long after the Giving Plants box lands on their doorstep. For the at-home chef who loves bold flavors, an unexpected garden gift delivery makes for fresh inspiration. And for anyone on your gift list who enjoys vibrant color, aroma and taste, edible garden gift baskets express a sense of renewal. Our potted herbs span a wide range of favorites including mint, sage, rosemary and more, each in a vivacious container. Give the lasting gift of an herb garden delivery, direct to your lucky recipient's doorstep.

  1. Teracotta Organic Sprouting Kit - Radish - Herbs

    Teracotta Organic Sprouting Kit - Radish

    Regular: $18.97

    Special: $9.99

  2. Garden Maker Herbs - Herbs

    Garden Maker Herbs

Plant gifts have a raw sophistication derived from their natural beauty and usefulness. As an offering to friends, neighbors, family or professional colleagues, fresh herb plants possess a lasting appeal that expresses ongoing thoughtfulness. In fact, gifts from Giving Plants can be displayed for the sake of appearance, but it is also a fruitful entity that provides lively flavors and aromas for any home, improving air quality all the while.

For the avid and always experimenting chef, fresh herbs are a must in the kitchen. Rosemary, sage, thyme, mint, and combinations thereof all make an appearance here. Budding culinary geniuses will appreciate convenient delivery service and effortlessness harvesting herbs in the kitchen as needed.

Although a no-brainer for cooks and food lovers, they are also a distinctive option for anyone on your gift list - no matter how much cooking experience they have. Give a gift that inspires new tastes with their aroma and vibrancy. This renewed appeal makes this collection of botanicals an asset to any kitchen window, dining room table, breakfast nook or foyer alcove that could use a pop of color. Their natural aroma also acts as a sort of organic air freshener for interior spaces.

We believe that live plants are unsurpassed in terms of their potential to bring joy. Each herb garden gift featured here will continue to thrive long after the delivery truck has driven away - a point to consider for both the giver and the recipient. To boot, each one comes in a different unique container that can suit a range of personalities. From rustic woven baskets to ceramic pots with a contemporary vibe, the housings are as flavorful as the crops inside.

Combinations of plant varieties may vary due to seasonal availability. All orders are packaged and ship with care to ensure an impeccable delivery every time. For bulk orders or to place your order for future delivery please call toll-free: 1-888-320-0631