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Bring garden freshness inside the home with terrarium kits, including a glass terrarium container, one plant, and a quantity of sand and pebbles. This innovative method of bringing the outdoors to interior design makes a luxurious accent in any space. An air plant terrarium is the most stylish form of indoor planting around.

Whether buying kits for personal use or to give as terrarium gifts, this is a smart way to begin planting in these quaint enclosures. The use of terrariums can be intimidating at first but terrarium kits bring all the necessary parts together to show just how easy and fun it is. With everything ready to go, creating a lovely and living indoor accent is easy and carefree. Choose your favorite to enhance at home or give terrarium gifts for holidays and birthdays.

Terrarium kits are the ultimate way to begin exploring the possibilities of this chic indoor planting technique. A fresh, living plant already provides an accent unlike any other and the use of an air plant terrarium also brings in the element of an interesting container. Planting in this format draws eyes to the living component by way of an elegant glass enclosure. Terrarium kits offer captivation beyond the usual vase or pot, to be sure.

This collection of products also makes ideal terrarium gifts for the avid gardener, an urban dweller or anyone who appreciates interesting decorations. Terrarium kits come with the following parts: a glass terrarium, one plant, sand and pebbles. The size and style of glass enclosure varies, as does plant species.

Each air plant terrarium is designed for interior use. This type of planting is appropriate for homes and offices alike, and terrarium gifts are a wonderful offering for indoor workspaces where employees can create a little garden of their own right at their desk. In spas and other retail spaces where tranquility is valued, glass terrariums are in keeping with an organic sense of beauty.

After terrarium kits get them off to an easy start, many DIY interior decorators and gardening enthusiasts unleash their own creativity. Combinations offered in kit-form are just the beginning. Various succulents and small cactus can flourish in enclosed environments with little nourishment. Glass terrariums also provide endless opportunities for customized decorations: terrarium planters use everything from picked wildflowers and collected seashells, to animal figurines and candles.

To prepare an air plant terrarium, simply begin by covering the base of your glass enclosure with a generous layer of sand. Most plants will be easy to insert directly on top of this soft layer. Finish by surrounding the live plant with a pleasing assortment of pebbles to hold in place and also embellish the arrangement. Some terrarium planters prefer the use of moss for added greenery and to hold in moisture.

For details on materials and tillandsia plants included in each kit simply click on individual product photos or names above. When purchasing terrarium gifts consider the size of glass enclosures. Although all are fairly modest in size, some may be more appropriate than others for quaint spaces or use in a shared office space.