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Plant Prices: Focus Your Search

It is so much easier to buy plants online than transport them, which is often messy. Indoor plants and flowering plants make great gifts (you probably deserve one, too!) that we deliver safe, sound, and happily intact.

To make it easy to buy plants online, see our captivating flowering and indoor plants grouped by price . We do everything to enhance your experience when you buy plants online - just choose by plant prices price or however you like. Many of our selections make great patio or balcony plants, too

Our Plant Prices Are as Lovely as the Plants

Let us enhance your experience as you buy plants online. Among our tools is a lovely sort by plant prices, with our most affordable plants as lovely as they come. You won't find our quality in indoor plants and flowering plants for these prices elsewhere when you buy plants online - or even from a florist.

And our plants aren't by any means "just indoor" plants or "just flowering" plants. Both plant and container choices are top of the line in quality, appeal, and artistry of both the container and the plant or plants. Many of our "indoor plants" can be used outdoors in mild climates or warm weather. Many of our flowering plants not only bloom for weeks, but will rebloom for years with just a little TLC.

See our plant prices right up front when you buy plants online from, and enjoy the wide variety of choices of indoor/outdoor and flowering plants. Choose great mixes of succulents and cacti (very in these days), an ivy topiary, bonsai and even gardenias - and that's just at the under $30 plant prices level.

One small step up and we get even more creative - you must see our larger outdoor/indoor gift plants, including exotic Brazilian diplidenia, hibiscus and delicate roses. Or consider other flowering plants such as an unusual rosemary topiary which you can also snip to use as a favorite fresh herb in a host of recipes. Other selections to buy plants online include an entire herb garden, stunning orchids and more wonderful bonsai indoor plants.