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$25 - $40 Plants

GivingPlants has plants for every occasion. Irrespective of whether you want to give birthday plants, thank you plants or housewarming plants, we have plants for every occasion. If you want to gift flowering plants or indoor plants, but don't have a very liberal budget, we have a huge collection of lower budget plants. We have a huge number and variety of orchid plants, bamboo plants, bonsai trees, cactus plants and succulents. If you are in the mood to gift flowering plants, come have a look at our wide selection of azaleas, hibiscuses, bougainvillea, carnations, roses and many more.

Gift Plants On a Budget

If you love to send a live plant as a gift but are on a budget, you have come to the right place. We carry a large selection in the $25 to $40 range, perfect for students, young people just starting out, or for those on a budget. After all, your heart wants to show someone you care regardless of limited funds. Naturally, the occasions to gift plants are many. From birthdays to housewarmings, anniversaries to all kinds of holidays, the opportunities to send plant gifts abound. Regardless of the reason, season or purpose, inexpensive plant gifts for sale are plentiful on our site; and in a variety of categories too! From flowering house plants to cactus to bonsai trees and more, we are confident you'll discover just the right one for friends and family.

Flowering Potted Plants for All Occasions

Many people love to receive fresh cut flowers yet are disappointed when they die. A great alternative is to send flowering potted plants. They arrive with buds or open blossoms or both. Plus, most varieties in our collection will continue to bloom throughout the variety's normal blooming cycle. And they are guaranteed to outlast any live cut flowers. Choose from several azaleas, hibiscuses, bougainvillean, carnations with tiny blossoms, miniature roses and others, for perfect flowering house plants--guaranteed to put a smile on the recipient's face.

Cooking with (Fresh) Herbs

For the person who loves to cook, give the gift of fresh herbs. We carry a fine selection of herbs that come in a variety of containers. Plant and container choices include:

  • Herbs in bamboo containers
  • Herbs in grow bottles
  • Herbs in birch containers
  • Herbs in wicker baskets.

Several herb flavors come in more than one size container too. At these prices, you may want to buy that special someone more than one. Herbs are perfect for setting on countertops, near windowsills, or pop-out 'greenhouse' style windows.

Black Thumb Plant Gift Options

If you know someone who loves plants but has a difficult time tending them, we have a number of cactus and succulents that are hard to beat. We have succulent-filled decorative containers containing several varieties within the planter. Bamboo and bonsai plants are also very hearty options for those who are plant care-challenged. Choose from ceramic, bamboo or wood plant containers filled with cactus or succulents. Even those who have difficulty growing plants love to receive plant gifts. Shop our collection in all categories and send plants at affordable prices and save.