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$40 - $60 Plants

If you have been considering giving house plants instead of fresh cut flowers, we have many fine options to choose from. After all, indoor flowering plants can outlast any fresh flowers you might send. With so many different reasons, holidays or special occasions to send potted plant gifts, showering a friend or family member with several throughout the year can become a trademark of your eco-friendly and generous consciousness. Sending plant gift baskets can also prove to be as much fun for you the one you send the plant to. Scouring through our large selection of indoor flowering plants - from azaleas to orchids to gardenias and more, provides endless inspiration. Plant gift baskets that include several varieties can cheer up a sick person, provide recipe ideas when sending herb baskets or planters to your favorite cook. In fact, we have so many interesting and colorful house plant gifts to choose from, you'll want to return again and again to this page to send potted plant gifts to all your friends--all at the best prices in town!

  1. Gardenia in Hand Painted Love Container - $40 - $60 Plants

  2. Gardenia in Mom Tag Metal Pot - $40 - $60 Plants

    Gardenia in Mom Tag Metal Pot
  3. Herb Trio in Mom Tag Metal Pot - $40 - $60 Plants

    Herb Trio in Mom Tag Metal Pot
  4. Peace Lily in White Ceramic Cross Container - $40 - $60 Plants

  1. Peace Lily in Gold Motif Container - $40 - $60 Plants

    Peace Lily in Gold Motif Container
  2. Little Cutie Lucky Bamboo - $40 - $60 Plants

    Little Cutie Lucky Bamboo
  3. Moss & Sedum Terrarium Bottle Kit - $40 - $60 Plants

    Moss & Sedum Terrarium Bottle Kit
  4. Herb Trio in Hand Painted Woven Basket - $40 - $60 Plants

  1. Herb Trio in Rose Copper Tone Pot - $40 - $60 Plants

    Herb Trio in Rose Copper Tone Pot
  2. Herb Trio in Ribbed Tin Pot with Rope Bow - $40 - $60 Plants

  3. Gardenia in White Ceramic Cross Container - $40 - $60 Plants

  4. Cultivating Herb Duet - $40 - $60 Plants

    Cultivating Herb Duet
  1. Herb Trio in Hand Painted Love Container - $40 - $60 Plants

  2. Double Tier Lucky Bamboo Tower - $40 - $60 Plants

    Double Tier Lucky Bamboo Tower
  3. Azalea Bonsai - $40 - $60 Plants

    Azalea Bonsai
  4. Cottage Herb Basket - $40 - $60 Plants

    Cottage Herb Basket
  1. Cottage Herb Planter - $40 - $60 Plants

    Cottage Herb Planter

Give House Plants for All Occasions

There are so many reasons to show someone you care, why not send them house plants for a unique gift idea? Fresh cut flowers only last for a few days while potted plant gifts last for years. Even indoor flowering plants can continue to bloom, depending on life cycle and variety. In fact, house plants can be a way for your recipient to have flowers and a plant all in one gift item. With plant gift baskets, they receive several plant species in one container. Individual species can be separated to replant in other containers. With so many gift plant options, pick out future selections for the next occasion.

Bulbs and Bonsai Trees

Flowering bulbs make the ideal gift for perennial flower lovers. We carry several kinds, with each one packaged in recycled steel gift boxes. Upon receiving the plant gift, just water and watch the bulb grow. Then, the cycle begins again. With the right conditions of water, light, and dormancy, bulbs continue to bloom based on their re-growth patterns. From the ever-popular amarylis to paperwhites with their pristine look, you may want to send one to yourself. And with our bonsai tree collection, a number of sizes and varieties can surprise and delight the most finicky recipient. Finally, both bulbs and bonsai trees are easy to care for, regardless of size.

Bamboo Forever House Plants

Bamboo house plants are another favorite in the $40 to $60 price range. Also easy to care for, simply trim the leaves as they ready to drop off. This is a natural part of their life cycle. And the rock beds bamboo call home hold water that is easily wicked away when your plant gets thirsty. Cactus, succulents, and bamboo are all easy care plants, perfect for friends and family with black thumbs. Simply water bamboo rock gardens when stones are dry and watch the plant continue to thrive. For additional plant gift ideas, please call one of our gardening experts at 888-320-0631.