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$60+ Plants

Bonsai trees make for fabulous plant gifts. Easy to care for with their pristine Asian appeal, they provide years of green stalks and leaves. Bonsai plant gifts can be grown and groomed into unique shapes too. This makes them one of our most popular indoor plants. With the "lucky bamboo" arrangement and the heart shaped bamboo plants varieties, you have struck gold in the lucky gift ideas department. After all, who doesn't like to receive a heart-shaped plant for Valentine's Day, an anniversary, or for another very special occasion? And when it comes to good luck gifts, bamboo is a great one. When you send plants made of bamboo, the Chinese belief is that bamboo brings good fortune. In fact, one variety is literally called the money tree, a bonsai variety of the bamboo plant. Check out all our shapes and sizes and bring a loved one good fortune. Call today!

Lucky Indoor Plants: From Bonsai to Bamboo

For unique and relaxing lucky gift ideas, check out our bonsai and bamboo plants. Considered by the Chinese culture to bring good luck, good fortune and relax the soul, lucky bamboo delivers. Bamboo indoor plants also provide a care-free solution for the recipient. So easy to keep growing and going, bonsai trees, a form of bamboo, render a sense of peacefulness in their elegantly sculpted look. Bamboo plant gifts require little water although, depending on species, should be watered frequently. The most important thing about caring for bamboo good luck gifts is to not overwater them.

Send Plants: Alternative to Fresh Flowers

There are many reasons to send plants for special events or for no reason at all. Yet one of the most basic reasons is they last far longer than fresh cut flowers. Some bonsai trees have been known to live hundreds of years, one as long as 800 years! What's more, when viewed as lucky bamboo, the bonsai can be passed down from generation to generation. This makes it an unusual living plant gift for sure. Giving bonsai trees or other forms of bamboo can last as long (or longer) than trees you plant in your yard.

Bamboo Shapes and Sizes

Bamboo plants can be either ""trained"" to grow in one length or tiered. Indoor bamboo plants can be braided or have their stalks twisted when they are young and supple. The lucky bamboo plant and our heart bamboo plants are examples of this process. Some are grown in the U.S. although most come from Asia where bamboo originates and grows in the wild. Its exotic nature is part of its appeal suggesting the Zen quality of surrender. Giving a plant gift with meaning makes it even more special for the recipient. Gives us a call today at 888-320-0631 for additional information about any of our bonsai and bamboo plants.