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Feng Shui at Work

Enhancing clarity and meeting your goals is the greatest intention for the workplace. Whether you work in a business setting, in the healthcare arena or as a teacher, the addition of plants can help keep you focused on what is most important.

Get organized. An efficient filing system can promote order and reduce confusion, making it easier to focus on your goals.

Clean your desk daily. Purge unnecessary paperwork or file away. A plant, photos of loved ones and a clean blank page for notes stimulates thinking.

Create pleasing public spaces. Shared spaces like lunchrooms and bathrooms should be pleasing escapes from the demands of work. Pleasing soothing wall color, green plants and clean surfaces are the bare minimum for a positive experience. If you work as a team, take turns maintaining this space.

If you work in a cubicle, take care to decorate and add life to your space. A small mirror, potted plant or desktop fountain can energize even the smallest space.