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How to Decorate with Houseplants

Green is in. Decorating trends reflect our current preoccupation with protecting the environment. Many of us want to bring the outdoors into our homes. Houseplants are a wonderful way to bring natural life and beauty into your home. They add color, form and texture, making any interior space more beautiful. The following tips can help you enhance your décor with plants.

Tips for decorating with houseplants:

Brighten Dark Corners: Many popular leafy green houseplants prefer low light and thrive in shaded environments, making them perfect for placement inside. These include Chinese evergreen, Dieffenbachia and Pothos. Place small potted plants like Pothos on bookcases, where their trailing habit will cascade over the shelves. Larger plants look great on side tables or pedestals.

Coffee Table Color: Next to a stack of books, a green or flowering plant creates an attractive focal point. Choose a compact, low-growing plant, rather than a tall and leafy one in order to not obstruct the view across the room.

Good in Groups: Combine several different plants together to create an interesting indoor garden. Groups enhance the unique qualities of each plants, bringing their individual features into focus. For example a variegated African Mask plant looks great next to a Mother In Law tongue and bushy Pothos. Orchids look great when grouped in twos or threes. Make sure all share similar feeding watering and light to make care easier.

A Personal Still Life: Create a personal vignette by clustering personal items around a beautiful plant. Photos in frames, small sculptures, decorative boxes and found objects like rocks or seashells are brought to life when placed together, next to a plant.

Well Potted: Refine the appearance and retain moisture in your container plants with decorative mulching products. River rock, colorful crushed glass and Spanish moss are inexpensive, easy ways to cover the dirt.

Creative Containers: A houseplant does not need to be placed in a basket or cachepot. Integrated plants into your décor with unexpected yet attractive containers, like a pewter pitcher, a vintage breadbox or colorful mug.

Shaped to Perfection: While lush plants add a lively and organic feel to a space, plants with unique shapes become strong focal points in a room. The exquisite shape of an orchid in front of a mirror draws the eye, while a pair of topiaries on a table creates a “frame” that structures the space. Bonsai, bamboo and antherium are also uniquely shaped plants that add a refinement and exoticism to the space.