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Plants with Positive Energy

Almost all living plants are useful in the practice of Feng Shui. Their life-force, intrinsic beauty and health-promoting benefits are always positive, especially when auspiciously placed. However, a few plants are traditional symbols of good luck, and communicate your best intentions for the recipient, especially when given as gifts.

Lucky Bamboo - Imported from Taiwan, Lucky Bamboo comes from original stock and is extremely hardy. They will grow indoors for years with virtually no care, requiring only an inch or two of water. A few drops of diluted fertilizer will cause them to grow rapidly, otherwise they will remain the same size. This lucky charm will keep giving, too: you can break off a stem and re-plant it in water. By changing the water every three days, it will quickly root and can then be passed on to a friend.

Also, according to Asian tradition, a gift of living bamboo brings good fortune. Therefore, your Lucky Bamboo plant, properly deployed, can bring you "double happiness." It is recommended that you place your bamboo on the East side of your house, and/or in the left back corner when facing into the office or living room from the door.

Money Tree - The legend began in Taiwan, with an old, poor, and hard-working farmer who lived in a small valley and was very superstitious. He found a small, unusual plant one day when he went out to the field, and never having seen anything like it before, thought to dig it up and take it home with him. Little did he know how resilient and hard to uproot the tree was. He took a lesson from the tree, deciding to be stubborn, hard working and never give up on the things he strove to work for, and turned into a wealthy entrepreneur.

Often referred to in Asian cultures as the "Bringer of Good Fortune" - especially when given as a gift - the Braided Money Tree makes the perfect addition to any home or office. Appropriate for plant-caring novices and experts alike, this hardy variety of bonsai is not only good looking, but it's also extremely easy to take care of; tolerant of low light conditions and even dryness, it virtually takes care of itself.