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Birthdays call for gifts that evoke festivity and celebration. A gift plant is beautiful, ever growing, suits just about any decor and keeps your heartfelt wishes for a happy birthday alive for months to come. What other gift offers so much?

Send it on time! A small gift sent early or on time means more than a big gift sent late. Set an alarm on your computer calendar with your email service, or use the giving reminder service.

Send it to work. If the birthday recipient works, consider sending the birthday gift plant to his or her office. It will make the workday more enjoyable and perhaps even inspire their co-workers to share birthday wishes. They can choose whether to keep it at their workplace or bring it home.

Consider the preferences of your recipient.If she loves color, she will enjoy an azalea or other flowering plant. If he appreciates abstract art or modern decor, a bonsai might be unexpected, but fits perfectly with his environment. If she is sophisticated, an orchid will suit her exquisite taste.

Include a personalized note. Sample plant gift messages:
  • Happy Birthday!
  • Long lasting wishes for a great birthday!
  • Have a great birthday!