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Corporate Gift Giving

Giving plants is smart.

Corporate gift giving is a key part of many business relationships. Consider gift plants to thank and foster loyalty among your most prized customers and partners. Or, to reward your most productive assets - your employees - for a job well done.

Gifts, both large and small, help strengthen relationships that take a lot of time and resources to build. Managers all agree that the cost of keeping customers and employees is much less than the cost of having to recruit new ones.

Gift plants are ideal for business gift giving. Not too extravagant, not likely to be misinterpreted as personal, and appropriate for any occasion. Also they are a long-lasting reminder of your best intentions for a positive professional relationship.

Here are some key reasons to give gift plants for business reasons.
  • To launch or maintain a business relationship
  • To show appreciation
  • To encourage or motivate
  • To celebrate or congratulate
  • To enhance the image or reputation of your company
  • To promote your brand, products or services

Here are some tips for getting it just right! Before sending gifts to clients or vendors, check the corporate policy guidelines on gifts, so the gift doesn't end up getting returned. Consider company hierarchy. A Chairman or CEO should get a gift of higher value than a Vice President, and so on down the line. Also if you are recognizing a team, make sure the gift message is addressed to the entire team instead of one individual.

Clearly state your intentions for gift giving in order to avoid misunderstanding. For example, make sure your gift message indicates the reason "for a great job," "congratulations on your award," or "for winning that big account." Otherwise the gift might be misinterpreted as a personal gesture, or perhaps as a ploy to gain favor.

Send gifts to business relations to commemorate key personal situations, like sympathy, wedding or new baby. In many cases, a gift from your "team" offers a chance for maximum goodwill, yet allows all the individuals to contribute based on their financial comfort level.

Consider the preferences and the physical environment of the recipient. A flower lover with a sunny office will enjoy a flowering gardenia or orchid, while a cubicle dweller will be better off with a pothos.

For somebody beginning a new project or a new job, bamboo is a traditional symbol of good luck and prosperity.

Include a personalized gift message. Some sample messages include:
  • Good luck in your new venture
  • Thank you for your help pulling the presentation together
  • Congratulations on your promotion - you deserve it!
  • To the team - thanks for your hard work!
  • To our dear colleague - hope this gift offers some comfort in this difficult time.

Gift plants come in a wide variety of choices, so there is a perfect business gift any time the occasion calls for it.