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Choosing A Plant Delivery Service

Receiving a gift package delivery to your desk or door is exciting. The opening of the gift is a special pleasure – or a disappointment when the gift is broken or defective. Choosing the right plant delivery service is important to ensure a good experience, especially important when it is a sympathy, a get well or a business gift. These tips from can help.

Consider The “Reveal:” When sending a gift plant to the important people in your life, remember that moment when it is first opened means the most. Receiving a droopy or barren plant is a let-down. That is why it is essential that you choose a plant delivery service you can trust.

High Quality Plants: Plants from local growers will typically be fresher than plants or flowers shipped from overseas locations. That is because they will already be somewhat acclimated to the water, care and natural sunlight essential for them to grow healthy and strong.

The Survivors: Many common houseplants evolved from harsh origins making them good candidates for plant delivery. For long distances, leafy green plants, bushy flowering plants, bamboo and bonsai are best. Their strong leaves and compact habits make them less vulnerable to road-wear. More delicate plants like orchids are more vulnerable to breakage.

Packaging Makes All The Difference: Careful wrapping and placement in box that can contain the plant will make its journey less traumatic. Especially for flowering plants, the best services hand-wrap each bloom to protect it and help it retain moisture, and never place more than one plant in each package.

Trusted Carriers: Make sure the plant delivery service you employ uses trusted carriers that express ship for its plant deliveries to your destinations. That way you can be sure that you can track each package in its journey to its recipient. Fedex, UPS and DHL are all very good. is a plant delivery service that offers a large selection of unusual plants to buy for all occasions. In addition givingplants offers a 100% freshness guarantee. To browse the complete catalog, click here