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Feng Shui Gift Giving

Promoting positive energy and neutralizing the negative is at the heart of Feng Shui. A gift from the heart is always a beautiful gesture.

Give a gift that is life enhancing and that will add value to the life for the recipient. A quickly chosen or useless gift, even if fancy or expensive, is never appropriate because it will add clutter to the recipients life.

Consider the preferences of the recipient. If they love color then a muted succulent garden will probably not be appealing.

Gifts that are universally appropriate, and promote good energy, include wind chimes, candles, plants and fruit

Giving a gift plant represents the practice of Feng Shui because you are transferring your good intentions - along with the living, energizing force of the plant - to your recipient. They can experience and benefit from the life enhancing pleasures of plants. And as it grows, so does their relationship with the positive.