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When somebody receives a promotion or achieves an important personal goal, recognition can remind them that they are appreciated and inspire them to work harder and reach even higher.

Giving a gift plant is a wonderful way to show the important people in your life how much you value them and their achievements.

GIFT PLANT TIPS: These tips can help you give a gift that is just right.

Recognizing the achievement of a business associate or client is a great way to build a relationship, but must also be sensitively handled in order not to appear self-serving. A gift plant is always appropriate - a gestured that will be remembered - without seeming too extravagant.

If you are recognizing the achievement of a business associate or client, make sure there are no prohibition on accepting gifts. Some companies have no-gift policies, in which recipients are required to return any gifts.

If a friend or relative achieves a personal goal, such as finishing an important work project, quitting smoking, losing weight or passing the bar exam, they deserve a gift of recognition. A gift plant shows that you appreciate them and their achievements.

Consider the needs, preferences and environment of the recipient. For a professional relationship, chances are they will display their plant gift in their office. Is their sufficient light? Do they have a space with natural sunlight, or are they in a cubicle? Do they travel frequently - will they have the time to maintain their plant gift?

Keep business gifts memorable with a plant that lasts long and strong. A green plant such as a pothos, croton or mother in law tongue will thrive even in harsh office conditions.

Offer best wishes for good luck in the future. Lucky Bamboo is a traditional symbol of prosperity, as is the Money Tree.

For the flower lover, nothing cheers more than bright blooms. An azalea, mini rose or orchid are great cut flower substitutes that will thrive for months.

Send a personalized note to convey your intentions. Here is some Suggested Gift Card Messages:
  • Congratulations on a job well done!
  • You made it!
  • We are very proud of your achievement. Congrats!
  • Your hard work paid off in your success - congratulations!

Gift plants come in a wide variety of choices, so there is a congratulations gift any time the occasion calls for it.