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New Year's

Here’s to all wonderful people in your life!

In many cultures, the New Year is a time to give gifts that express gratitude and appreciation for the important people in your life. A gift plant is a perfect symbol of goodwill. Beautiful, alive and long lasting, it will offer warming memories for the weeks and even months to come.

GIFT PLANT TIPS: These tips can help you give a gift that is just right.

Make sure that they will be home for delivery. Especially in cold weather, leaving the plant gift outdoors can severely damage or even kill the plant.

Giving a gift plant for the New Year is the perfect way to offer seasons greetings to business associates, friends and family who were out of town during the Christmas season.

Consider giving a new year’s gift as a thank you to those who have hosted holiday parties and events. A long lasting gift plant will offer color and cheer that will last long into the New Year.

Just about any plant can be a great new years gift. A green plant, like a dieffenbachia, croton or pothos, will grow easily even during the cold winter months. Bamboo, a traditional good luck plant, will signal your hopes for good fortune throughout the New Year.

Write a personalized note. Some ideas include:
- In with the new! Here’s to a great future.
- Happy New Years!
- Here’s to a year of good luck
- Best wishes for prosperity and good fortune this New Year.