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When words alone cannot express your feelings, a beautiful gift plant is a sensitive and beautiful expression of sympathy. Delivered to the funeral home, church or residence, a gift plant shows your loved ones that you care.

GIFT PLANT TIPS: These tips can help you give a gift that is just right.

It is perfectly appropriate to send a gift plant directly to the funeral home, or to the family's residence. If you would like your gift plant to be part of the memorial, then send it immediately upon hearing of the passing, directly to the funeral home.

For a more intimate expression of sympathy, send the gift plant directly to their home. Consider sending a gift plant a week or even a month after the passing. So often, the family experiences an immediate outpouring of sympathy and receives many floral memorials. A gift sent a bit later, when the flurry of attention subsides, can be especially appreciated.

If a colleague from your workplace, loses a loved one, then consider a group gift. By sharing the cost, a group can send a large, memorable gift that will be cherished and appreciated for months and years to come.

Consider tradition when sending a sympathy gift plant. A white flower in a white ceramic container is considered appropriate in just about every culture. A peace lily, or white orchid, reflects sensitivity and respect.

Also consider the character of the family or of the deceased. If the deceased loved flowers, then a colorful flowering plant like an azalea can be especially appreciated. If the deceased loved adventure, or traveling to exotic locations. then a colored orchid, a bonsai, or a tropical plant might be the most appropriate expression of sympathy.

For your close relatives or friends, writing a detailed, intimate note is a wonderful way to reach out. Share a memory or story about the deceased to emphasize their importance to you. An original or inspiring poem or prayer can bring comfort in this difficult time.

In writing gift messages for business associates and acquaintances, keep it simple. A simple "I am sorry for your loss," or "our prayers are with you" gently indicates your heartfelt condolences.

Some sample plant gift messages include:
  • I am sorry for your loss.
  • You are in our thoughts.
  • We are praying for you during this difficult tim- Our heartfelt condolences for your loss.
  • We are praying that you find peace
  • We loved ____ and will keep a special place in our heart for his/her memory,..
  • We have made a donation to (name charity) in his/her honor. Hope this plant offers our hopes

Gift plants come in a wide variety of choices, so there is a sympathy gift any time the occasion calls for it.