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Unusual Plants for Gift Giving

Many people find it difficult to choose a gift. Finding something appropriate, unique and creative can be almost impossible. Perhaps you don’t’ want to give something they already have, or don’t need, or that will not fit. So what to do? Consider these unusual plants to buy from

Too Much Is Never Enough: Plants are easier to maintain and look great when grouped together. Sending a trio of green plants for a housewarming or business gift is an unusual yet memorable gesture that will make a big impact at a home or office.

Celebrate A Moment: Choose a plant that commemorates a special event or time in your friendship. A succulent could be a reminder of a desert vacation, a Bonsai your trip to Japan. A Braided Money Tree is a great way to celebrate a new client or business deal, while Bamboo commemorates and encourages good luck.

Celebrate The Unique: Plants are alive – no two are exactly alike. And are always growing, changing, evolving, surprising. Some of the more unusual gift plants to buy are Mother In Law Tongue, Bonsai and Bromeliad.

Plants Are Personal: With so many plants to choose from, the giver can send a plant that reflects the recipient’s unique personality. Consider an Agave for a hardy outdoorsman who thrives in rugged terrain, an Orchid for somebody who appreciates elegance and style. Giving a plant that represents something personal lets the recipient know you gave the gift extra thought.

Always Appropriate: Especially when you are unsure of the preferences of the recipient, a plant will always fit. Choose a small or medium sized plant that is easy to care for, and adapts to a variety of conditions like a pothos, Chinese Evergreen or Mother in Law tongue.

Finally, when choosing an unusual plant to buy as a gift, remember that the thoughtfulness behind the giving is the best gift of all. offers a large selection of unusual plants to buy for all occasions. To browse our complete catalog, click here