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Avoid Hanging Hang-ups

Plants love life in hanging containers. Optimum air circulation and even distribution of light makes them happy. And even in a cramped office, there's always "aerial" room for hanging plants!

Here are some tips on hanging plants from the ceiling or from a wall:

Drainage Is Key: Without a catch basin securely fastened onto the planter, the plants will drip onto the floor. If possible choose a planter with a built in catch basin. Water very carefully to avoid overflow. Or remove plant and water in a sink, rehanging when the plant has drained sufficiently.

Not Too High!: Don't hang the plant too high or it will be too difficult to maintain it. If it is too hard to water the plant, then even the most thoughtful plant lover will neglect to properly water and maintain their plant.

Test Wall Strength: Before screwing a swag hook onto the office walls or ceiling, check the strength of your wall or ceiling. Make sure the surface can hold the weight of the planter. If your ceilings are composed plasterboard panels, held up by metal framing, then hang from the metal frames instead of screwing them onto the delicate plasterboards.