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Maintain Moisture Balance

Artificially heated and air-conditioned homes and offices are not necessarily the best environment for plant life, even if they are watered frequently. A level of 50% humidity is best for most plants. Increasing the humidity in your environment will help plants thrive:

A glass or bowl of water close to the plants. A desktop fountain, goldfish bowl or a small aquarium are good choices, too.

Set your potted plants on top of gravel, pebbles, sand, or moss on a shallow tray.

Use a spray mister at least once a day. Aiming at the underside of the top leaves. If too much water remains on the leaves it can reduce the plants' ability to "breathe."

A light layer of moss, cinder, or mulch, placed on top of the soil, can prevent the soil from drying out. To check moisture level, lift or push the mulch to the side and place your finger in the soil. If the top 1" is dry, then water.