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The Basics

Light and Temperature: Although the correct environment amount varies between varieties, plants need light. Flowering houseplants, or those with colorful foliage thrive in places where there is lots of light. Leafy green plants enjoy filtered light and shady places. The temperature also matters. In general keep plants away from temperature extremes or fluctuations such as AC vents, drying, warm heaters, or drafts.

Water: The #1 requirement for healthy plants. Too much or too little will harm or even kill the plant. To maintain the correct moisture balance, check the soil 1 inch below the top of the soil. When it's dry - add water. Avoid over-watering, and refrain from watering if the soil is still damp. If any water remains in the saucer under your plant a half an hour after watering, then empty and allow the pot to drain. If you don't want to have to worry about watering, consider using a self-watering pot.

Containers and Potting: Are your plants planted in the right container? Large plants planted in small pots will not thrive. If they get too big, transfer them to larger pots, with fresh soil. Water well and watch your plant flourish! For best results, repot your plants in fall or Spring; however, do not delay if your plant is suffering.

Grooming: Encourage new growth by deadheading your plants. This means removing dead or yellowed leaves and spent blooms. Also keep your plants clean to remove dust, which clogs the plants' pores. Quickly wipe the leaves with a damp remove dust and brighten the plant.