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Articles - Plant Tips And Care

Plants will flourish if you give them just enough care. Here are a few tips for keeping your plant healthy.

Calla Lily

Elegant flower is perfect for just about any occasion.


Colorful blooms and lush green leaves make this one of the most popular flowering plants.


Kalanchoe is a unique flowering succulent plant characterized by its vibrant blooms and fleshy leaves.


Blooms throughout the year, thriving indoors - and out in protected environments in temperate climates.

Peace Lily

This lush, leafy tropical evergreen perennial not only tolerates the low light and dry conditions found in most homes, it actually makes the indoors healthier!

Mini Rose

The rose is a symbol of life and love that makes poets muse and lovers swoon.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera looks great and possess special healing powers.

Dragon Tree

A pointed-leafed dracaena with green foliage.


The pothos thrives in almost any indoor conditions, and grows so fast you can notice the difference every few days.

Chinese Evergreen

Full and leafy, requires minimal sun.


An elegant broadleaf featuring tender cream-colored foliage outlined in green.


Translated as potted tree, bonsai are the attempt to represent larger natural tree forms in a diminutive scale.


To share your good fortune with a friend, cut off a stalk that has leaves and place it in water.


A beautiful tropical flower, the bright bloom of a bromeliad will last much longer than most flowers.

Mother In Law Tongue

The perfect plant for black thumbs is also prized for its unique shape.


Elegant in shape, exquisite in bloom.


The colorful Croton, features vibrant green, red and orange foliage that will really brighten up the place.