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A beautiful tropical flower, the bright bloom of a bromeliad will last much longer than most flowers. Exotic, and dramatic, it is great accent for any home or office,

Water: Use filtered or purified water, and never use water from a softener. Let the plants dry out between each watering. It is okay if the bottom of the pot stays a little damp, but make sure the top of the soil has dried out completely.

Light: Direct afternoon sun is too much for bromeliads to handle. They prefer morning, afternoon and filtered sun. They want as much filtered and indirect light as possible, but they can survive with only a modicum.

Humidity: Bromeliads typically grow best in 50 to 70 percent humidity. Since most houses aren't as humid as a rainforest, it is a good idea to mist your bromeliad at least once or twice a week.

Fertilizer: Feed your bromeliad sparingly. Once a season with a 20-20-20 fertilizer mixed to half strength should do the trick.