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Mini Rose

The rose is a symbol of life and love that makes poets muse and lovers swoon. These miniature versions of the garden rose are a lovely way to show your affection. Comes in a small container that can be grown almost anywhere. Mini roses are long lasting and can even be transplanted outdoors for years of pleasure. Mini Roses stand approximately 10 inches tall.

Light: In general, roses grow best outdoors, but, with proper care, they can do quite well inside. Keep in a spot that is sunny and cool.

Water: You want to keep the soil moist, but be careful not to overwater. Pinch off dead blooms and branches as they appear.

Other Tips: After all blooms have finished, prune the plants back to promote new growth.

Plant Outdoors: If there is no chance of frost, replant the roses in a large pot or the ground. Choose a sunny spot where soil drains well. The plants should be watered and fertilized with a packaged rose food, diluted by one third.