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The pothos thrives in almost any indoor conditions, and grows so fast you can notice the difference every few days. Let the vines trail up around windows, cubicles and bookshelves for an indoor jungle effect, or pinch back vines to allow the Pothos to grow into a lush bush.

Water: Do not over-water! Too much water will kill your plant, too little is no problem. If you water too little, your plant's leaves will start to dry out, brown and brittle, and all of the soil will be like dust. Just dump one third of a cup once a week, making sure the top inch of soil is dry.

Location: This plant is low maintaince - it can live under florescent lights or in a bathroom. Some indirect sunlight is best, but don't worry about giving it more light unless the leaves start to pale.

Grooming: Pothos offers options. Pinch back the leaves at the end of each stem to make your plant lush and bushy. Pull the leaves off along the stems to make it "race," making it long and stringy. Experiment according to the desired effect - and don't be afraid to cut the whole thing way back.

Fertilizer: If you want to, a heavily diluted dose of fertilizer mixed in with the water every 6 weeks will keep your plant at maximum growth.