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Send A Plant: A Great Condolence Gift

Americans traditionally have expressed their respect for the deceased by sending flowers,which honors the dead and consoles the living. Many people today shun showy, impersonal gifts. They want to send a condolence gift that will offer personal meaning to the bereaved.

Live plants are naturally beautiful and long lasting. They offer beauty and comfort during the funeral and mourning period immediately after the death. As they grow, they continue to signal your sympathy and love. offers these reasons why plants are great condolence gifts.

Cut flowers typically last about five days so after the initial display, the recipient is left with a drooping bouquet and the chore of tossing out spent blooms.

Plants offer a long-lasting, beautiful reminder of your sympathy and love. Many gift plants are also extremely low maintenance, requiring minimal care and are able to thrive in a variety of conditions, so they will last and last.

Sharing a gift is a positive way to connect with people during difficult times.

As the plant grows, it will offer a wonderful memory of your kind gesture. Even after the worst grief has passed, the bereaved will derive comfort from your gift.

Plants symbolize life. For the bereaved, this representation of eternal life is comforting and can help them find meaning in their loss.

A flowering plant symbolizes the life-cycle: blooms bud, flower, then fade – yet the plant itself continues to grow. This living reminder of the temporal quality of life can bring perspective and understanding.

Sending a plant not only communicates your sympathy, but can help the bereaved feel better physically and emotionally.

Contact with plants has been proven to have calming, muscle relaxing and spiritual effects upon people. They oxygenate the environment, offering healthy benefits that can improve the well-being of the bereaved during a stressful time.

A beautiful plant softens the harsh reality of death and hints at the inevitability of recovery and growth.

At a funeral or wake, living plants can help create a background of warmth and beauty, which adds to the dignity and consolation of the funeral service.

After the service, a beautiful plant will continue to grow, representing the healing and rebirth that often accompanies the grieving process. Even when the crisis of death has long passed, the plant will represent reconciliation and peace.