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Tips for Choosing Sympathy Gifts Online

When you can’t be there to give a hug, sending a gift to the bereaved is a wonderful way shows that you care. But if you live far away, it can be difficult to choose a gift is an appropriate symbol of your concern, fits the occasion, and arrives when you want it to.

Choosing a sympathy gift online saves time and can even cost less than shopping locally and shipping on your own. In addition, if you feel personally affected by the loss, you may find it more comfortable to choose a sympathy gift online than to brave the outside world.

These tips from can help you choose a sympathy gift online:

Timing is Everything. For a funeral or memorial, make sure your delivery can be made before the event, and that the items can be received and signed for. If you are sending via national carrier, you may need to choose an express shipment option to meet the timeframe required. Make sure that their delivery times can be accommodated by the funeral home or place of worship.

When choosing a sympathy gift for the home or office of the bereaved, it is OK to wait a few days or even weeks before having the gift delivered. Again, make sure somebody is available to sign for the delivery, especially if the gift is perishable like a plant or food item.

Get the details right. Make sure you have the correct name and spelling of all the people named in your order. Verify addresses and names with the funeral home handling the arrangements.

Stick With Tradition. When sending a sympathy gift online, it is better to play it safe by sending a gift that you know will be appropriate for the recipient and the occasion. A plant is always “safe” because it is memorable, beautiful, always fits and appropriate for most faiths and cultures. Other ideas are cut flowers, food baskets, framed photos or

Ask Questions. If you are unsure about any aspect of the gift, do not hesitate to call or email with questions. Most web sites have customer service departments available to provide more clarification.

Send a Personalized Note. Many web sites have options for gift givers to provide a personalized message to accompany the gift. If the online store you choose does not offer this option, mail or email a separate note to the recipient like “Peace lily is on the way. Hope you find comfort during this time. Please know you are in my thoughts.”

<b?Track Shipments. Most web sites offer confirmations of your purchase, and automatically provide shipment tracking links so you can check the status of the sympathy gift in transit. If you do not receive this information, please make sure you call the customer service department and ask for it.

When choosing a sympathy gift online, remember that your timing is as important as the gift itself. That is why it is essential that you choose a plant delivery service you can trust.