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Send A Plant: A Unique Sympathy Gift

In times of sorrow, sending a gift is a meaningful, memorable way to show you care. But choosing a unique sympathy gift can be difficult – you want to honor the loss, yet also uplift the grieving.

Plants are a unique sympathy gift because they so beautifully represent life. And with so many varieties available, you can choose a plant that fits the situation. Here are some great reasons why plants are a unique way to express sympathy.

Plants Last: Unlike cut flowers that have to be tossed after a week, plants grow more beautiful for weeks, months, even years. They offer a reminder of your kindness for months or even years to come. Many can even be planted in the garden as a memorial for the event.

Each Is Unique: Plants are alive – no two are exactly alike. And are always growing, changing, evolving. For the recipient, the experience of caring for plants allows them to reflect on the beauty and ever-changing nature of life.

Plants Are Personal: With so many plants to choose from, the giver can send a plant that reflects the unique personality of the deceased. An orchid represents exotic beauty and grace, a pothos wanders, an agave is a hardy outdoorsman that thrives in rugged terrain. Giving a plant that represents something personal about the deceased adds a personal touch to your gesture of kindness.

The Proper Thing To Do: Especially when you are unsure of the preferences or customs of the deceased and their families, a plant is always appropriate. A large plant like a peace lily offers a beautiful display of your condolences that will bring life to a funeral or memorial as well – while a small plant like a mini rose or orchid is more intimate gesture to those who have lost their loved one.

Finally, when choosing a unique, personal sympathy gift, remember that the gesture of giving is most appreciated, and the memory of your kindness is the best gift of all. offers a large selection of plants for all occasions, including a Sympathy Collection... To browse our complete catalog, click here