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Plants Make Your Space More Pleasant

Believe it or not, there is a great deal of research to support the fact that plants enhance the desirability of hanging out in an office. This is in contrast to the desirability you might have for your co-workers, which we're sure would be enhanced if they wore potted plants on their heads. Actually, that's not to far from the truth. Plants in offices have been proven to contribute to how we perceive the occupants of those spaces.

Students were asked what they thought of about the offices of college faculty. They were shown pictures of offices that were identical except for the presence or absence of various elements, including two aquariums and four plants. The students reported that they would feel more welcome and comfortable in the offices with plants and fish than in those without any living elements.

Additional studies were done using only plants (since, like you, they thought "People like fish!") These researchers built a simulated office in a climate-controlled chamber. The "office" was nicely decorated with wall paneling, pictures, carpeting and furniture. Four hanging plants and one table plant were installed. Test subject spent two hours in the chamber, with or without plants. The results showed that the plants did not affect the physical comfort of the subjects but they did influence what people thought about the room.

When plants were present people felt that the quality of the occupied space was significantly better than when no plants were present. So there you have it, proof positive that plants enhance life.