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Plant life can have a significant effect upon what you "create" spiritually in your personal and business life. That is why plants play a large role in the practice of Feng Shui, the ancient art of placement Potted plants add oxygen and negative ions to the atmosphere. This is significant because computers give off harmful positive ions that get gobbled up by the negative ones. An office or home filled with well kept, overflowing, healthy plant life is a metaphor for our own abundance. It suggests that you can create abundance in whatever manner you're trying to manifest it - business success, love, etc. But remember, wild, unpruned hanging plants and creeping vines will appear as intruders unless kept under control. Cacti and other sharply pointed plants (or leaves) need a lot of room so that they don't create a cutting energy that pierces the psyche of the person nearby (Ouch.) These plants in confined spaces can create an subconscious wave of anxiety and Lord knows you've got enough anxiety dealing with your boss. Stimulation of any sort tends to elicit and ignite change. You can bring this stimulation into your indoor work garden with the use of chimes, fountains and/or mobiles to create change in the direction you want (i.e. more business success, more love, etc.) In addition, some kind of water symbols such as a geode with a wavy pattern, a black stone or a bowl of water represents inner determination and can be place in the center of your "garden". A good thing to keep in mind as well is that bright red or magenta colored flowers help to spark mental, emotional and spiritual clarity. So when you have to get that report done, stare at a rose for a few minutes first.