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Seed and Bulb Kits

Seed or bulb kits are the perfect solution to an aspiring gardener who has the desire but not the time to upkeep a traditional garden. Each bulb kit features everything you need to begin to grow your flowers or herbs - all you need to do is add water. has a wide variety of kits available, including herb garden kits. With these seed kits, you can always have fresh basil, sage, oregano and more to add to your home cooked meals. An array of fruits and vegetables are also available as seed kits. Choose from tropical trees such as pomegranate or passion fruit or grow your own dwarf cherry tomatoes. With these gardening kits, you'll have access to a whole new realm of delicious flavors without having to run to the grocery store!

  1. Teracotta Organic Sprouting Kit - Radish - Seed and Bulb Kits

    Teracotta Organic Sprouting Kit - Radish

    Regular: $18.97

    Special: $9.99

  2. Flower Giving Wishes - Seed and Bulb Kits

    Flower Giving Wishes

Seed and Bulb Kits Galore

Check out our seed and bulb kits for a wide array of edible herbs and flowers for your very own kitchen. It's fun to add a taste of fresh herbs to your meal when they're right at your fingertips. It has never been easier to make scrumptious meals for the family. Each kit arrives in its own container and ready to grow. Just add water, place in a well lit area (windowsills work great) and watch the sprouts begin to emerge. Growing herbs with one of our pre-packaged seed kits is perfect for the inexperienced gardener too. With several kinds of seed kits available, each comes with a variety of herbs to add to your favorite recipes. What's more, they are perfect for small spaces. Whether you live in an apartment, condominium or have a shortage of kitchen counter space, just tuck these compact seed growing kits wherever they will receive a sufficient amount of sunlight as directed on the package, even the windowsill.

Flowering Bulbs and More

If your passion is flowers, we carry a huge selection of bulbs and seed kits for flowers. From mini sunflowers to zinnias to amaryllis to paperwhites, you may want to select more than one. Prepackaged bulbs and seeds are also great for someone who loves the idea of gardening but doesn't have the time to fully commit to a spacious outdoor garden. Each package will contain your plants and minimize necessary upkeep. Plus, with indoor gardens you'll never have to worry about the harsh weather damaging or killing your plants. You can jump on the sustainable garden bandwagon and save time and money with a salad garden of micro-greens, tomatoes, peppers, radishes, even arugula. In the herb category, choose from either several varieties in one kit or separate herbs per kit such separate oregano, basil, mint or lavender.

Kids Gardening Ideas

Giving seed kits makes for great kids gardening gift ideas. Seed kits encourage sustainable gardening, responsibility, and invigorate the concept of ""farm to table"" without additives or pesticides. Whether you choose a herb garden kit, a bird or bunny seed kit, even a pizza herb kit, the child in your life will love the joy of participating in the family food source. Seed and bulb kits also make great ideas for children's club activities where different children can grow the flower, herbs, or vegetables of their choice.